Business Retention & Expansion

We’re glad you’re here.

At LCDC we understand that our existing businesses made a choice to locate in Leavenworth County, and we want to thank them for investing in our county by helping them stay successful and grow in manageable, sustainable ways. Our business assistance program focuses on building strong relationships with existing businesses to make sure they feel appreciated and know about the variety of resources available to them as they consider expansion or experience workforce issues as well as other opportunities and barriers.

Learn and relate.

LCDC staff meets regularly with over 100 businesses on an annual business to learn the needs of local employers and better understand their businesses and potential. Through the information gathered during these visits, we are able to track trends and provide the community with statistics about employment and growth. These visits are also an opportunity to share with businesses what programs and assistance are available through LCDC to help a business address issues concerning workforce, supply chain, expansion, and more.

Improve and respond.

We use the information gathered during business visits to improve our marketing efforts by understanding the local business community’s perceptions of our community and the unique climate of operating a business in Leavenworth County. LCDC also takes what is learned from the businesses to create programs that respond to the existing businesses’ needs and increase the community’s competitiveness.

If you would like to be included in LCDC’s rotation of annual business visits or need assistance with your business, please contact Diana Dodd at (913)727-6111. All business visits and consultations are confidential. Areas that we are able to assist existing businesses with include:

  • LCDC micro grant
  • Labor market data and other statistics
  • Structuring an expansion
  • Obtaining financing
  • Finding workforce training opportunities
  • State and local tax incentive opportunities
  • Employee searches
  • Marketing
  • Relationship building
  • Networking opportunities