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Labor Shed Study Reveals Leavenworth County’s Strengths

LCDC issued a Regional Labor Study in partnership with Evergy, to identify labor growth and availability. A few highlights from the study include:

  • Leavenworth County’s strategic location gives it a far‐reaching labor shed that reaches into three separate metropolitan areas: Kansas City, MO‐KS MSA, Lawrence, KS MSA, and Topeka, KS MSA
  • The Labor Shed population (2,272,019) is greater than that of the Kansas City MO‐KS MSA (2,161,651) by more than 80,000
  • The labor shed’s population growth rate over the last 10 years (7%) is outpacing national (6%) and state (KS – 2% | MO – 3%) growth ratesover the same period, indicating concentrated growth in the region
  • Growth is projected to continue with an estimated population of 2,313,576 by 2024 (3% over 5 years)
  • When compared to other midwestern regions with a population of at least 500,000, the Leavenworth County labor shed is growing faster than average (7% vs 5%)

Click the button below to watch the Labor Study presentation video starting at 14:53.